Elm trees around St Stephen's Green in Dublin are the latest casualties of Dutch Elm disease.

Now present in Ireland, Dutch Elm disease is devastating native Irish elms in both rural and urban areas. From today, a stroll in Stephen's Green will be a very different experience for both Dubliners and visitors to the capital.  

The majestic elms which have lined the perimeter of this much loved and popular city centre park for the best part of a century were found to be infected with Dutch Elm disease and have had to be cut down.  

The west side of St Stephen’s Green has already been replanted with young lime trees, and next spring more will be planted to replace the dozens of elms which were felled today.  

The Board of Works said that the decision to take down the elms was by no means an easy one and was made following advice from experts who said that due to the rapid deterioration of the trees no other option was viable.  

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 25 November 1985. The reporter is Andrew Kelly.