In West Cork a community has reacted against plans for local afforestation.

Tom McGuire reports from Coolea in the foothills of the Derrynasaggart mountains in county Cork. The gaeltacht village is situated two miles from Ballyvourney.

The panorama is one of river, mountain, rock and furze.

Two local investors have plans to plant the moorland with citrus spruce, despite local objections. Michael Connolly from Southwest Forestries defends the investors plans saying that if the locals didn't want trees planted on the land, they should have bought the land.  

As a result of local objections, machines were removed from the sites only to be returned two weeks later. In protest a group of local women chained themselves to the earth moving equipment. The solution is for the locals to buy the 168 acre site.  Dan Lynch of Muintir Cúil Aodha expresses his disappointment at not winning the bid at auction. 

The day ended without any sale but a statement from the vendor's solicitor John Reidy further angered the locals. 

Peigi Bean Uí Aodha, also from Muintir Cúil Aodha is prepared to go to prison to prevent planting from going ahead and defends the protesters who are 

All in unison against this planting.

This report for 'Nationwide' was introduced by Michael Ryan and broadcast on 25 November 1996.