Punters hope their chosen pig will bring home the bacon in the Naas pork stakes charity event.

Coinciding with the three day race week in Punchestown, Naas Chamber of Commerce hosts a series of events to raise money for People in Need including a pig race.

The race meeting that brought Naas Main Street to a standstill.

There was a carnival atmosphere in the Kildare town as crowds placed bets on the spectacle everyone was talking about. All bookies profits on the races were going to the charity People in Need.

Even the Diceman was in town away from his usual haunts on the streets of Dublin. 

Bales of hay lined the course Naas in what was Ireland's first pig race. 

Porky's Revenge was the firm favourite in a race that included pigs with names like the Streaker, the Frankfurter and Spare Ribs. Sure to form, Porky's Revenge was declared the winner. However, some of the jockeys disputed who actually won the race as things got a little chaotic. The one sure winner was People in Need. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 26 April 1989. The reporter is Teresa Mannion.