Historians say the Romans never settled in Ireland but could evidence from a site in north Dublin suggest otherwise?

The Drumanagh headland in north County Dublin, just across the bay from Loughshinny harbour is easily identifiable by its nineteenth-century Martello tower.  

Archaeologist and local resident Dr Peter Harbison explains that evidence of an empire from much further in time was discovered in 1947 and other artefacts from the site exist which are,  

Roman in character and which would suggest that there was a settlement of people who had come from Roman Britain. 

Peter Harbison believes that to date legal difficulties are the main reasons which stand in the way of a full scale archaeological dig, that could provide answers to many questions which have been asked about the Drumanagh promontory, 

It would be the first evidence that we have of actual Roman settlement here in Ireland. 

The headland is frequented by locals exercising and walking their dogs, and they want to see it protected, says local historian Declan Stack, 

We hope...that nobody will come and destroy what may be a treasure. 

An RTÉ News broadcast on 22 January 1996. The reporter is Alasdair Jackson.