Advice for farmers on how to deal with some of the abnormalities that may arise during lambing process.

When a ewe is getting ready to deliver her lambs, the best advice is not to interfere and to let her get on with the business of producing her young.

Most ewes lamb unaided and about 95% of lambs are born in the normal presentation with their forefeet first.

But of course there is the odd case where you have to help.

When a farmer decides to make an internal examination of the ewe, cleanliness is vital. In cases where the ewe is tired but the lamb is presented normally, the farmer can gently help with the delivery.

Using a model of a ewe, presenter Justin Keating gives examples of malpresentation and advises on how to proceed with the lambing process in such instances.

These are what one might call simple and common abnormalities and one is quite entitled to help in these cases.

In some situations the internal examination of the ewe will result in the need for an intervention by a veterinarian.

As long as you understand fine, when you lose the knowledge of what's happening, then get professional help.

'Telefís Feirme' which means ‘Farm Television’ was an agricultural education series. ‘Telefís Feirme’ began broadcasting on 12 October 1965.

The first series offered 48 weekly programmes on farm education. Programmes were often watched by groups of farmers. Notes for the programmes were printed in the newspaper the Irish Farmers Journal. The Department of Agriculture paid for the rent of television sets for farming groups around the country.

An article in the RTV Guide 8 October 1965 set out details of the planned programmes and gave features on presenter Justin Keating and producer Sheamus Smith.

The episode of ‘Telefís Feirme’ was broadcast on 7 December 1965. The presenter is Justin Keating.