Mary Robinson takes her campaign to be the President of Ireland to the streets of old Dublin.

Ahead of the 1990 Presidential Election, candidate Mary Robinson is on the campaign trail in the Liberties in Dublin.

Mrs Robinson received a warm response from old and young.

Mary Robinson and her supporters paraded through the Liberties led by a brass band and accompanied by a host of celebrities including actors Mick Lally, Niall Toibin, and Emmet Bergin. Politicians Proinsias De Rossa and Ruari Quinn also gave their support.

Campaign manager Ruairi Quinn is confident that Mary Robinson would be the next president of Ireland.

The presidential election took place on 7 November 1990. Alongside Mary Robinson, the candidates included Brian Lenihan and Austin Curry. Mary Robinson became the first woman President of Ireland with 51.9% of the final vote.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 3 November 1990. The reporter is Una O'Hagan.