Texas Rodeo in the form of Bad Bobs Bucking Bronco comes to The Late Late Show.

A new season of The Late Late Show kicks off with Gay Byrne astride Bad Bob's Bucking Bull.


Bad Bobs music venue is travelling the country for a country and western cowboy musical extravaganza. As part of the show, people in towns around Ireland will be invited to step up on Bad Bobs Bucking Bull to see how long they can stay on.

Five volunteers from the Late Late Show studio audience were invited to have a go. The person who stays on the bull for the longest wins fifty pounds. Before they get a chance to compete, Gay demonstrates how the Bucking Bronco works.

The bull can go round in circles you see, in an effort to make you dizzy you see, and try to get you dizzy enough so that you eventually fall off.

Gay provides the commentary as the contestants attempt to hang on.

The winner was Finbar Dolan from Knocklyon with a winning time of 23 seconds.

This episode of The Late Late Show was broadcast on 14 September 1990. The presenter is Gay Byrne.