A sober Oliver Reed returns to the Late Late Show and talks about living with dyslexia and working as an actor.

In a surprise opening to the Late Late Show Oliver Reed takes the place of presenter Gay Byrne. Gay quickly resumes his position as the show's host and relegates Oliver Reed to his place as a guest.

During a drunken appearance on the Late Late Show two weeks earlier the actor behaved inappropriately towards actress Susan George. 

Back on the show in a more sober mood, Oliver Reed talks about living with dyslexia. From his early days struggling through school through his time in the army and later his work on stage and screen. 

I couldn't add up and I couldn't spell and I tried to fool them.

He appeals to anyone with a child with dyslexia to avail of the help that is now available as the problem has become recognised by the medical profession.  Growing up, Oliver Reed's parents were not aware of his problem. 

My father thought I was a dunce.

Developing coping mechanisms helped to deal with everyday obstacles. Despite his dyslexia, Oliver Reed has a very retentive memory which is useful for an actor. 

He had wanted to become a doctor but dyslexia prevented him from pursuing this career.

This episode of the Late Late Show was broadcast on 28 April 1979. The presenter is Gay Byrne.