After a night of torrential rain a Connemara bridge collapsed leaving residents concerned about the safety of another bridge.

The council moved to in to demolish the partially destroyed bridge at Glentraige, located just a few miles from Cornamona on the Galway Mayo border. The bridge ran along the main route to the village which is now cut off.

A sudden torrent had ripped away part of the steel girder bridge which linked the valley with the village of Clonbur.

Áine Ní Chiarragain describes how the heavy rain resulted in the river rising to 10 to 12 feet ripping away the temporary bridge.

Ryan O'Flahery says his father Michael had a lucky escape when his car slid into the swollen river where the bridge had collapsed at 5.30 am this morning.

He was very shocked and frightened.

Further up the valley, there are fears for the safety of a second bridge. Local man Seán Ó Cearnaigh describes the potential damage that could be caused by the torrential rain.  

Galway County Council says it hopes to have a temporary replacement bridge in place by the end of the day. A permanent bridge, on which work had already begun, will be open to traffic in about two months.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 August 2000. The reporter is Jim Fahy.