A Galway village is cut off by floods and locals are unhappy with the political reaction to their plight.

Over a three week period, the village of Killomoran mid-way between Gort and Kinvara in County Galway has been almost entirely cut off by floods. For the first time in living memory, two rivers burst their banks and joined up, marooning 31 families in the village.

Galway County Council has erected a wooden footbridge across one of the flooded roads in order to make contact with the isolated Killomoran residents. This pedestrian way is their only link to the rest of the county but villagers say they need a bridge suitable for vehicles.

Fine Gael politician Pádraic McCormack and independent Fianna Fáil member of Galway County Council Michael 'The Stroke' Fahy paid a visit the flooded area, however locals are unhappy with how politicians are reacting to their plight.

With 6,000 acres of farmland underwater, farmers are facing huge loses and fodder bills they had not anticipated. Supported by Irish Farmers' Association, they are campaigning for aid, and a meeting is to be held in Gort to decide on what further action needs to be taken.

Minister for State Frank Fahey says the government has established a four person committee to decide what assistance can be given to those adversely affected by the floods. He is stressing

Financial aid must be made available to those people to make up for the significant losses.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 March 1990. The reporter is Jim Fahy.