The nation prepares to close down for the World Cup quarter final clash between Italy and the Republic of Ireland in Rome.

Up to thirty extra flights are expected to leave Dublin Airport bringing fans to Rome for the quarter final clash between Italy and the Republic of Ireland. In a 24 hour period over 5,000 of fans will swell the ranks of supporters in Rome to 20,000.

Meanwhile, Ireland prepares to close down in advance of the 8.00 pm kick off for the crucial Italia '90 World Cup match. Cinemas will close from teatime and there will be no buses in Dublin from 7pm. This is to give Dublin Bus staff an opportunity to see the match, but there were also fears of post match violence and attacks on drivers.

One man who will be working on the night of the match would like to see the buses in Dublin running. Another man will be working in a fast food restaurant on O’Connell Street during the match. He is unhappy that he will have to work when everywhere else is shut, especially as he does not expect to have any customers.

One man interviewed has no problem with the whole country grinding to a halt for the match.

I think it’s wonderful I think it’s marvellous, I think everything should stop because this is history.

One driver with Dublin Bus is happy to have the opportunity to watch the match live.

The whole country is in the grip of euphoria.

He is relieved not to be driving on match night. Following the match with Romania, many ecstatic fans thronged the streets of Dublin and causing havoc for bus drivers.

They were all in good spirits really, but it was very, you know, hard to drive in it.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 29 June 1990. The reporter is Charlie Bird.