Mary O'Rourke on being in opposition, getting the sack, women's issues, gender quotas and the presidency.

A deputy leader of Fianna Fáil under Bertie Ahern, Mary O'Rourke tells Gerry Ryan she is enjoying being in opposition in Dáil Éireann.

I like opposition. I think there’s a bit of an oppositionist (if that’s a proper noun) in me.

Gerry Ryan describes her as "a television person" but she thinks that women politicians just stand out more despite their being less of them.

The low point in her political career in 1992. Describing it as the "Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre". Eight ministers, including Mary O'Rourke, were sacked by then Taoiseach Albert Reynolds.

He just said he didn’t want our services anymore.

Leaving the room having been removed from office, Albert Reynolds offered her the women’s affairs brief which she declined.  

I didn’t want women’s affairs. I didn’t want to be in a cupboard and turn the key and say you’re to talk about women’s issues and that is all.

Mary O'Rourke gives her views on gender quotas and rejects any suggestions that she could run for the presidency.

This episode of 'Gerry Ryan Tonight’ was broadcast on 22 March 1995. The presenter is Gerry Ryan.