Paddy Lenihan of Fianna Fáil canvassing in Kilbeggan for the 1969 general election.

An extract from a programme from the current affairs series '7 Days' following candidates as they seek votes for the general election of 1969. In this clip Paddy Lenihan Fianna Fáil TD (Teachta Dála/member of parliament) since 1965 and father of the Minister for Education Brian Lenihan is shown.

Paddy Lenihan can be seen with other Fianna Fáil supporters kneeling on the pavement in Kilbeggan as a Corpus Christi procession passes by. He then greets locals, gives out stickers and addresses people attending the procession with a microphone.

Lenihan discusses canvassing and quips to reporter Bill O'Herlihy that he is sick of being called Brian Lenihan's father that he is a candidate in his own right.