Ireland's latest and largest telecommunications cable comes ashore in Wexford.

Minister for Public Enterpise Mary O'Rourke TD was on the beach in Wexford to for the arrival of the £60 million internet fibre-optic cable. She described the installation of the cable as a red letter day for Ireland. The minister outlines how over the next few months the whole of Ireland will be connected to the internet with fifteen times the current level of connectivity.

The pipeline will handle all of Ireland’s international telecommunications traffic for at least the next five years.

The fibre optic cable will improve Ireland’s capacity to communicate with other business centres throughout the world.

According to Gene Shutler, President of Global Crossing, the cable has the capacity for thirty million telephone conversations at one time. 

From Ballinesker beach, the cable will be connected to a landing station in Wexford and then on to a central distribution point in Dublin. It is due to become operational in June of this year.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 24 February 2000. The reporter is Helen MacInerney.