A Limerick couple have a church wedding with their two children taking a part in the ceremony.

Ursula Fitzgerald and Limerick publican Declan Dillon lived together for four years before deciding to tie the knot. During this period they worked on their careers, established a home and had a family. It was important for them to have this security before gettng married.

Ursula believes it is the most natural thing in the world is to have daughter Kelly and son Rhys included in her wedding day. Catholic Curate in the Parish of Mungret, Crecora and Raheen, Father Derek Leonard says it was once unthinkable for couples with children to get married in church.  

But the fact that their children are here today and they are getting married in a church, it shows a different side to the church, that the church is changing.

Ursula is delighted to have her children at her wedding,

I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, it’s fantastic to have your own daughter and son as flower girl and pageboy.

Billy Dillon says people of his generation traditionally went out together, got engaged and then got married. However he has no problem with the order in which Ursula and Declan have chosen to do things. 

Father Derek Leonard believes Ursula and Declan set a good example to young people by their belief in marriage as a basis for family.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 January 2000. The reporter is Jim Fahy.