Diners in Solomon Grundy's Café Restaurant in Dublin share a table with a statue of pig that is not what it seems.

Solomon Grundy’s Café Restaurant on Suffolk Street in Dublin has a pig as a mascot. A life size model of a pig clad in a Hawaiian shirt sits at one of the tables. Mike Murphy decides to voice the pig and plays a prank on some unsuspecting diners by joining in on their conversations.

A man and a woman are deciding what to choose from the menu when the pig interrupts,

Don’t go for the ham pie.

The woman cannot control her laughter and spends most of her meal trying to ignore the pig’s interjections.

An American couple converse easily with the pig, in spite of there being more cows than pigs in their home state of Massachusetts. The man adds,

Pigs in the States aren’t as friendly as yourself.

They assure the pig they have not ordered anything from the menu containing pork.

None of the diners can figure out where the pig’s voice is coming from, but eventually the pig reveals his true identity,

Do you know Mike Murphy from RTÉ Television?

This episode of 'The Live Mike' was broadcast on 21 December 1979. The presenter is Mike Murphy.