Pope John Paul II to go among the congregations on his visit to Ireland.

Pope John Paul II is due to visit Ireland from 29 September to 1 October, but how close will people actually get to him?

Bishop of Kilmore Francis MacKiernan is the chairman of the coordinating committee for the visit. He describes what the public can expect and how close people will actually get to Pope John Paul II.

The Pope will visit various sites in Dublin, Galway, Knock, Drogheda, Limerick and Maynooth. At each of these locations, he will travel by a specially prepared vehicle 'The Popemobile' through the crowds so that worshippers can get the opportunity to see him.

He will be within a matter of a few yards of most of the people who will be on each site.

According to Bishop MacKiernan, there will be parking facilities at each of the sites as well as shuttle buses.

The Holy Father will be very accessible indeed and people will be able to come near to him, they will be able to see him very clearly, and as well as that of course, more important, they will be able to pray with him.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 20 August 1979.