RTÉ faces new challenges from independent radio and a third Irish television station.

As RTÉ prepare to face the challenge of independent radio and a third Irish television channel, Minister for Communications Mr Ray Burke said that RTÉ had carried out the task of providing the national broadcasting service very efficiently and had achieved the highest standards of excellence. RTÉ would continue its role as the predominant broadcaster. 

Key figures from radio and television took part in the seminar on a new era of broadcasting. 

Does RTÉ welcome competition?

Kevin Healy Director of Radio Programming says RTÉ welcomes competition but says that competition is nothing new for RTÉ as it has been dealing with competition for years in terms of radio. 

I don't see any reason to be worried at all.

Minister Burke is confident that by the end of the year, the new broadcasting environment would be substantially in place. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 13 May 1989. The reporter is Alan McCullough.