Student Union President Joe Duffy says government investment in education needs to be a priority.

At the annual congress of the Union of Students in Ireland President of the USI Joe Duffy told the congress that the current government’s campaign of cutbacks in education had to stop. The USI says educating people can only reap rewards for the country and the economy,

Spending money on education is probably the most positive way of spending money in the Ireland of 1984.

Members of the USI are very concerned about the numbers of young people in Ireland using drugs and are horrified by the increase in suicide among their age group. More work needs to be put into this area to stop this worrying trend.

Why are so many young, vibrant, bright, energetic and idealistic people ending their lives?

Students all over the country are urged to take positive steps to do something to improve life for themselves and their communities, and refuse to give in to frustration and despair. Joe Duffy says that hope can be found when young people organise themselves and work together.

By doing that there is actually hope for young people to change the society that we live in.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 13 April in 1984. The reporter is Michael Ryan.