Bloom an adaptation to film of James Joyce's epic novel Ulysses opens in Dublin.

The Irish premier of 'Bloom' takes place at the UGC Cinema, Parnelll Street.

In this adaptation of the James Joyce masterpiece Ulysses the viewer accompanies Leopold Bloom, portrayed by Stephen Rea, around the city of Dublin on 16 June 1904. The film was ten years in the making and is described as being

Imaginatively faithful to the great Joycean work without being a slave to it.

Angeline Ball plays Leopold’s wife Molly,

She’s quite liberated, she’s quite opinionated, and she’s very free thinking, free-spirited.

Director Seán Walsh was not put off by the mountain of challenges stacked against him when he started working on this project. His wish at the outside was to make James Joyce accessible to cinema audiences, but at the same time without alienating those who consider it a literary work of art,

In many ways Ulysses has been hijacked by the academics, and that’s a pity, because what it is, it’s just a book.

Those attending the premier who spoke to RTÉ News all admit they haven’t read the book, although as one man remarks,

I hear it’s very good now.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 April 2004. The reporter is Sharon Ní Bheoláin.