The ideas of a group of young people about what it means to be gay are challenged when they meet a gay woman and man.

This episode of  'Access: Community Television' was made by the National Gay Federation (NGF) which was established at the Hirschfeld Centre, Dublin.

A group of young people with little or no experience of homosexual people meet with Tonie Walsh and Brenda Harvey of the Dublin Lesbian and Gay Men's Collectives. They answer questions about being gay and try to change preconceived ideas of what that means.. 

The group of young people are first asked to give their impressions of gays and lesbians.

I think it’s very wrong when they try to flaunt it.

Tonie Walsh points out that he knows he is gay just as another person knows they are straight however,

You don’t see so and so is a straight written on the wall.

Brenda Harvey says her experience of telling heterosexual people she is gay has been negative to the point that she tries to limit her association with them.

Having met with Tonie Walsh and Brenda Harvey some of the young people are surprised they were different to how they had imagined.

A couple of the men think Brenda was negative. However given the fact she must have to defend herself on a daily basis many of the group support her feelings, with one woman saying,

I don’t see why I should reason with you about how I feel about certain things she’s probably going through a rough time.

Another woman feels people who do not understand things, be they homosexuality or religion, often make fun of the subject to cover up their own ignorance.

The series ‘Access: Community Television’ shows programmes made by communities or groups about their specific projects.

This episode of ‘Access: Community Television’ was broadcast on 16 February 1984. The reporter is Ciana Campbell.