Why have two booklets on homosexuality and confession been removed from the shelves of Veritas bookshops?

The booklet 'Understanding the Homosexual' written by Raphael Gallagher has been removed from the Veritas bookshop in Dublin upon the request of Catholic Archbishop Kevin McNamara. The story came to the fore when Walter Kilroy published an article in gay magazine 'Out' about the removal of the booklets.

Walter Kilroy tells Cathal MacCoille what he has been told about the removal of the booklets.

Archbhisop McNamara had some theological objections. 

The booklet is written from the perspective of the Roman Catholic Church and is published by Veritas. Kilroy feels that the booklet attempts to give a compassionate and considered assessment of the position of gay people in Ireland and the challenges they face. 

A 'Morning Ireland' report by Cathal MacCoille broadcast on 19 August 1986.