New regulations mean anyone riding a motorbike must wear a crash helmet.

Under the Road Traffic Act safety helmets for motorcyclists become compulsory on 1 February 1979. Danny Keany holder of the Irish motorbike land speed record welcomes the new regulations which he believes will save lives. 

Anything to do with motor is dangerous. There's a lot of people killed with cars and motorcycles so therefore we must take every safety precaution that's available to us.

In Ireland there has until recently been a lack of training for motorbike drivers. Now, under the Road Safety Council a training programme has been introduced in cooperation with the Gardaí and the corporation. 

Danny Keany's advice advice for motorcyclists in frost and snow is to leave the bike at home.. 

Riding motorbikes for over 23 years Danny Keany believes that if you know what you are doing then riding a motorcycle is the most enjoyable thing.

At all times, wear a safety helmet. Wear the best one you can afford.

Under the Road Traffic Act, it will also become compulsory to wear a seat belt for drivers and front seat passengers. 

This episode of 'Motorways' was broadcast on 31 January 1979.  The reporter is Paddy McClintock.