Gerry Adams has been granted a temporary visa allowing him to enter America to attend a conference on Northern Ireland in New York.

Commenting on the announcement that the President of Sinn Féin Gerry Adams is to be given a visa Senator Ted Kennedy said that,

President Clinton has demonstrated the United States' commitment to do our part to bring peace to Northern Ireland.

Until now, Gerry Adams was banned from entering the United States. Gerry Adams and other Northern Ireland political leaders have now been invited to address a conference in New York. However, according to an unnamed source in the Clinton administration, strict ground rules have been laid down governing Gerry Adams movements while in the US. 

Mr Adams will only be allowed into America for 48 hours and will be barred from travelling more than twenty five miles from New York and will be prohibited from engaging in fundraising of any kind.  

Some reports stated that in order to get the visa Gerry Adams would have to renounce violence. However, Mr Adams said he had not done that. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 30 January 1994. The reporter is Joe Little.