How to arrange the perfect Christmas party without blowing the budget.

Any kind of office party can be arranged, if you are prepared to pay the price. Fortunately a party can be created to suit every budget, however it takes careful planning.

At the County Club Grill in Churchtown, the head waiter is the point of contact for the person given the onerous task of organising the Christmas office party.

The head waiter helps to tailor the budget to the bill of fare, and he can usually include a festive glass or two without throwing the budget out of balance. He will discern whether the client requires a private room, and if the group wish to have a set menu, or go à la carte.

The typical office Christmas party orders the 27 shillings and 6 pence turkey dinner. The drinks bill is calculated as 7 shillings for two drinks beforehand, 6 shillings for two glasses of wine with the meal and 5 shillings for after dinner liqueur.

As a matter of statistical fact, drinks at the average office party usually average out at a pound a head, give or take a hangover or two.

Unsurprisingly, a steak dinner is the most expensive option, but turkey is the most popular choice at Christmas. Unlike steak, turkey can be prepared, carved and set aside for when the diners have finished their preliminary drinks.

Although turkey prices increase from mid November, for the restaurateur, the great thing about the turkey is the extremely small degree of wastage and the larger the bird, the less waste.
None of the festive cheer would be possible without the seamless work happening behind the scenes in the restaurant. Not even a surgical team has a more meticulous routine than the restaurant kitchen staff.
A ‘Newsbeat’ report broadcast on 20 December 1968. The reporter is Frank Hall.