Wilhemina the Whirligig Witch has her sights set on a magic pencil belonging to Fortycoats.

Slightly gets all of her mathematics homework wrong, but protests when Sofar insists she does all of the sums again they are right. Fortycoats intervenes and allows Slightly to borrow a very special pencil.

You just think very carefully before you use it and I guarantee you will get all your homework right in future.

The magic pencil helps Slighty to get all of the sums right, and she is keen to use it further, but Sofar reminds her that she needs to think carefully before trying it out again.

The pair settle down to a game of noughts and crosses unaware that Wilhemina the Whirligig Witch is watching them in her crystal ball, and has her eye on using the magic pencil herself.

The children’s drama ‘Fortycoats & Co’ was first broadcast on 7 January 1983. Fran Dempsey is Fortycoats, Conal Kearney is Sofar Sogood, Virginia Cole is Slightly Bonkers and Laurie Morton is Wilhemina the Whirligig Witch. The script for ‘The Magic Pencil’ is by Helen Quinn.

‘Fortycoats & Co’ is a spin-off from ‘Wanderly Wagon’, in which Fortycoats is played by Bill Golding. 

This episode of ’Fortycoats & Co’ was broadcast on 2 December 1983.