Eamon Dunphy talks about writing a biography of U2 and gives his impressions of the band and their music.

The recently published U2, ‘Unforgettable Fire : The Story Of U2’ has been topping the bestseller lists both sides of the Irish sea.  There has been some controversy about inaccuracies contained in the book, which has lead to reported strained relations between Eamon Dunphy and U2 lead singer Bono.  

Having just come from the Irish premiere of ‘Rattle And Hum’ Eamon Dunphy admits to being a fan when it comes the music of U2, but his main gripe is with how the band have embraced the corporate world,

There are two U2s, there’s the people in the music, and there’s the corporate U2 thing.

One of the criticisms levelled by U2 is that the book contains inaccuracies, especially in relation to their Christian beliefs, but this is most definitely not true, claims Dunphy, 

I was a biographer, I had to deal with it and believe me they know and  I know and I am telling you that I under played it. I did it as sympathetically as it could be done.

With this book doing so well, can he now afford to retire from journalism?  Not just yet, because he still loves what he does for a living,

I’ve a passion to write about sport and a smaller but still living passion to write about life in Dublin.

This episode of ‘Nighthawks’ was broadcast on 27 October 1988.  The presenter is Shay Healy.