Ideal Homes Exhibition shows houses of the future and how they might be built.

RTÉ News visits the Ideal Homes Exhibition at the RDS (Royal Dublin Society) to see the 'House of Tomorrow', a specially designed environmentally friendly home.

Starting at the top, the traditional slate gives way to a truly green roof which creates cleaner air, both inside and out. As Francie Thornton from Erisco Bauder explains,

It reduces run-off of water down the storm drains. It filters the air, it cleans the air, it puts oxygen back in the air.

Recycled materials such as glass and rubber also feature in the house. The electrical toilet, popular in Japan, has attracted a lot of interest. It is suitable every home, says Richard O’Flaherty from QQ Trading,

It reduces the amount of toilet paper that goes into the waste system, that is specifically important for septic tanks and of course municipal waste.

New EU (European Union) environmental legislation relating to construction of new houses will soon come into force, and the aim of this eco show house is to raise awareness about it, says show house project director Alison Andrew,

It’s most important that the consumer understands that help is at hand when it comes to understanding about insulation, and for when they employ builders.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 October in 2003. The reporter is Paul Cunningham.