Olympic silver medal winner John Treacy offer tips for long distance running ahead of the Dublin City Marathon.

John Treacy from Villerstown, County Waterford won the World Cross-Country Championships in 1978 and 1979 and the Olympic silver medal for the marathon in Los Angeles in 1984.  

Ahead of the the Dublin City Marathon John Treacy says the longer distances are more suited to the slightly older runner. He looks back on the tough cross country days with fondness, 

An absolutely fabulous way to spend a Sunday afternoon, running through snow and muck. I couldn’t think of anything better.

Currently based in Providence, Rhode Island, John Treacy trains daily with a group of fellow athletes, and says that having running buddies is key, 

There’s five of us that run together every day, and that really is the secret. We carry on a conversation, we have a great time on a run.

In the weeks leading up to a marathon, his schedule consists of a long run once a week, and twice-daily runs coupled with track training on the other days.  Saturdays are his "easy" day, with only a ten mile run.  

Healthy eating is also very important, which he does in the form of three square meals a day,

No Mars bars and no chips. Basically it’s good Irish potatoes and bread and chicken. I run it all off.

Do athletes at his level ever hit the wall?  

I’ve smacked right into it on a few occasions, and it’s a very painful process.

This episode of Kenny Live was broadcast on 23 October 1993.  The presenter is Pat Kenny.