Folk singer and songwriter Tommy Makem performs the traditional song 'The Cobbler'.

In August 1973 Tommy Makem briefly returned to Ireland from America to sell the house he owned in Wexford. While in Ireland he accepted an RTÉ invitation to perform on ‘The Music Makers’ series.

In this episode, Tommy performs in RTÉ Studio One accompanied by Dick Barton on guitar and Martin Walsh on bass. He sings some eight songs including his own compositions 'In That Land’ and ‘Come By the Hills’ and traditional material like 'The Leaving of Liverpool’ and

A song that has been associated with me more than any other song I think, and I’ve been asked for it in every corner of the world I’ve ever been, a song called ‘The Cobbler’.

In the RTÉ Guide published on 5 October 1973, producer of ‘The Music Makers’ Laurence Bourne said he

Has never yet met such a professional performer in that after one rehearsal he knew exactly what he had to do.

'The Music Makers' was an RTÉ Light Entertainment series which featured well-known performers.  

This episode of ‘The Music Makers’ was broadcast on 10 October 1973.