A campaign for an Irish language television station or 'Teilifís na Gaeilge' is launched.

£500,000 has been designated by the government for the establishment of a pilot Irish language television service, but a group campaigning for a Gaeltacht TV service want a commitment that a new television station will be set up.

One of the services which Teilifís na Gaeilge, as the proposed station is being called, will provide is Irish-language programming for children and young people.  The documented decline in Irish being spoken on a daily basis is of concern to people promoting and preserving the language.    

Academic and Irish language activist Donncha Ó hÉalaithe says the service is vital if the Irish is to be spoken every day by people living in the Gaeltacht,

The present generation of schoolchildren in even the strongest Gaeltacht areas like Connemara are not as Irish-speaking as one would like them to be, and the danger is, that Irish as a community language is about to disappear.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 30 June 1988.  The reporter is Áine Ní Fhéinne.