Commemorating 300 Spaniards who survived the shipwrecking of the Spanish Armada but were executed in Galway.

The Knights of the Order of the Ocean Sea paraded through the city to mark four hundred years since the Spanish Armada.The anniversary of the Spanish Armada is to be marked with ceremonies at various points on the west coast of Ireland.

Galway makes its contribution to the commemorations with a parade by members of the four hundred year old Order of Spanish Knights. The Order is believed to be one of the world's oldest marine corps, founded in 1537. 

In its day, its men were an elite fighting force to be found at the centre of many of Spain's military adventures.

As the Knights paraded through the streets of Galway, the Spanish Ambassador Jose Antonio De Ytturiga explains the background to the Armada.

The Spanish Arch in Galway commemorates the city's trading and cultural links with Spain. 

We are here four hundred years later to say thank you very much to the men and women of Galway.

Two new Irish members of the Order of the Ocean Sea were inducted as part of the commemorations. 

The ceremony continued at Forthill Cemetary, the site of the executions where England exacted its revenge on the Spanish. A plaque to commemorate the events of 1588 was formally unveiled and school children lay wreaths at the scene of the mass grave. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 22 June 1988. The reporter is Jim Fahy.