The Irish Kite Flying Championships take place at Leopardstown Racecourse in Dublin.

Kite flying enthusiasts of all ages took part in the third Irish Kite Flying Championships held at Leopardstown Racecourse in Dublin, with contestants competing for the top prize of the championship trophy, plus a weekend for two people in London.

Runners-up prizes include a weekend in Cork or Limerick, and there are numerous prizes for categories such as the best hand-painted kite, novelty kite and the largest kite.

The prize for the most beautiful kite was awarded to one shaped like an eagle and kite enthusiast Morgan Kelly hoped to win the largest kite category with his striped birdlike creation.

In addition to the competitive kite-flying, spectators at the racecourse were also treated to stunt kite demonstrations. The weather remained fine for the majority of the championships, however during a rain shower, one participant found an additional use for his kite, turning it into a makeshift umbrella.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 May 1978.