The first natural gas powered bus in Ireland begins operating in Dublin.

A trial between Dublin Bus and Bord Gáis sees the first natural gas-powered bus take to the streets of Dublin. Similar trials are taking place across ten European cities.

This is the bus of the future. It cuts noise and gas emissions but as of now it's all alone.

The bus is designed to avoid exhaust fumes such as ozone forming hydrocarbons which are dangerous to health and greenhouse gases which are a threat to the global environment. This new bus only emits water vapor and carbon dioxide. 

The new gas powered buses are remarkably cleaner and kinder to the environment.

Rory O'Grady of Bord Gáis, explains that it is possible to run the single-decker fleet of buses on natural gas. However, it is not yet feasible for double-deckers. 

The purpose of this trial is to prove the reliability and the economic feasibility of natural gas as an alternative fuel.

Natural gas may be cheaper and cleaner so you might ask why aren't all single-decker buses run by natural gas. The answer comes down to economics as the buses are thirty percent more expensive to buy for Dublin Bus. One bus out of eight hundred on the roads proves a very small step for both Dublin Bus and Dublin City. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 8 April 1998. The reporter is Margaret Ward.