Micheál Mac Liammóir was born in England, founded the Gate Theatre and became one of Ireland's great dramatists and actors.

Three days following the death of actor, dramatist, writer, poet and painter Micheál Mac Liammóir (1899-1978), RTÉ Television broadcast a special programme in tribute.

In this excerpt, Micheál Mac Liammóir recites 'The Song of Amergin'.

I am the wind that breathes over the sea
I am a wave of the ocean
I am the murmur of the wave
I am the great ox of the seven combats
I am the vulture upon the rocks
I am a beam of the sun
I am a tall green plant
I am a lake in the plain...

Presented by Brian Farrell, the programme looks at the legacy of Mac Liammóir, who although born as Alfred Wilmore in England, was very much an Irish man and more specifically a Dubliner.

Brian Farrell takes on the route that Mac Liammóir took on his daily walk from his home at number 4 Harcourt Terrace along the Grand Canal.

Michael Mac Liammóir, man of letters, man of the theatre, above all a man of unmistakable and unique style.

His daily route to work took him past the old University College Dublin (UCD) buildings at Earlsfort Terrace, across Saint Stephen's Green, down Grafton Street,

Throughout his life, he received a mountain of honours. Mac Liammóir and his partner Hilton Edwards had been declared Freemen of the City at City Hall. Trinity College Dublin had conferred Mac Liammóir with an honorary doctorate.

Not only a star of the stage, Mac Liammóir also turned his hand to costume design.

They grew from brilliant sketches into theatrical reality. Always an eye to texture and colour as well as character.

It didn't end with costumes as he also designed the theatrical sets on which these costumes would appear.

Generations of theatregoers witnessed Micheál Mac Liammóir's work come to life on the stage of the Gate Theatre, which he founded with Hilton Edwards.

The Gate Theatre was a workplace that became a magician's box.

'Folio Special: The Player King Mac Liammóir Tribute' was broadcast on 9 March 1978. The presenter is Brian Farrell.