The Red Cow Roundabout has a revised traffic layout comes and motorists are being advised to drive with care.

The new traffic layout comes into effect at the Red Cow interchange linking the N7 and the M50 in Dublin. 

It's a location that has caused headaches for motorists for many years.

Motorists are being advised to familiarise themselves with the new layout at the massive multi-directional interchange and delays are expected on the route.

The M50 upgrade costing  several hundred million euro is promising to solve all the legacy traffic problems at the interchange. The first part of the complex junction opened in 2007 but drivers complained that the layout was too difficult to follow. A revised layout has now been put in place and according to the National Roads Authority (NRA) and South Dublin County Council, it will make all the difference. 

John McLoughlin Senior Engineer for South Dublin County Council says that the new layout will make things easier to follow but warns that the site is still under construction. 

If people actually slow down and read the signs and not worry about the traffic coming up behind them.

The new layout includes traffic lights free movement, extra lanes and a free-flow over-bridge. 

Conor Faughnan of the Automobile Association (AA) believes that while people get used to the new system, there may well be traffic congestion. 

We could be in for a couple of dodgy days.

With over 100,00 vehicles using the M50 on any given day, tomorrow's rush hour period will put the new system to the test.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 13 January 2008. The reporter is Caitriona Perry.