Madam Cynthia Payne talks about her life running a brothel in Streatham, London and paying the consequences of her crime.

Cynthia Payne ran "a house of ill repute" for ten years until she was caught by the police, arrested and sentenced to 18-months in jail. Having served four months in prison and paying a £4,000 fine, Cynthia was released having won an appeal and with the support of the public. 

For an all-in fee of £25 men enjoyed drinks and all services. Cynthia talks about the type of men that frequented her establishment, which focused mainly on men over forty from every walk of life, even an Irish MP. 

I wanted a man over forty because I thought he would behave himself. He wouldn't start drinking too much and causing trouble.

The parties began at 2 pm when the guests were given a luncheon voucher to avoid what Cynthia refers to as "monkey business". For a £25 entrance fee, the men received all the drink they wanted, food, a strip-tease show, an exhibition, and a choice of fifteen girls. 

I had a lot of Irish people come. They were great fun and they're good spenders too. They'd buy about three or four luncheon vouchers.

When the house was raided by the police at 4 pm one afternoon during a Christmas party, Cynthia did her best to keep the anonymity of her clients from the police. 

They were all queuing on the stairs for sex, you see these men, and the police just dashed up the stairs, started bashing the bedroom doors down.

Also featured in this clip is writer Ulick O'Connor, who was a guest on the show.

This episode of The Late Late Show was broadcast on 6 November 1982. The presenter is Gay Byrne.