You've heard of wedding fairs but what about divorce fairs?

A trade fair dedicated to all things for getting a divorce has opened in Vienna, Austria with the aim of helping couples make the break with as little pain as possible.The idea is the brainchild of Anton Barz, a happily married man, who also holds wedding fairs.

According to Barz,

If you manage to separate amicably, your divorce day could also be the best day of your life.

With around half of all Austrian marriages ending in divorce, the rate is even higher in Vienna where 66% of marriages break up. The divorce fair is going on the road as it moves to the central Austrian city of Linz in three weeks time. There have also been enquiries on how to host a divorce fair from other European countries and from the United States. 

Visitors to the fair get the opportunity to speak to lawyers, mediators, private detectives, real estate firms and even travel agencies. A DNA Laboratory will also offer paternity tests. The fair also offers services advising parents on how to inflict as little pain as possible on their children. 

For those who still believe in true love, there's a dating agency to help find a new partner.

On the fun side, party organisers are on hand to provide advice on how to celebrate the breakup in style. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 27 October 2007. The reporter is Vincent Murphy.