Siobhán Cleary takes the strain and learns the ropes training with the Knock Tug of War Club in County Tipperary.

In Newtown Knock Tipperary the Knock Tug of War Club coaches Tom Larkin and Paddy Doheny show reporter Siobhán Cleary the ropes on their improvised tug of war training machine. Tom Larkin explains the innovation behind the apparatus that uses car wheels, oil drums, ropes and concrete, works to aid tug of war training.

Siobhán Cleary gets some instruction from Paddy Doheny before having a go on the training machine.

When I give you the orders to pull, move back, gently, don’t kill yourself because that's one thing you can do, kill yourself.

Paddy explains that tug of war is all about strength and there is very little a coach has to do except to get his men moving together.

In a match, both teams must watch the referee, when he drops his hands the heave takes place.

It’s an unmerciful pull.

Each team has a coach and they watch for flaws in the opposing team. When one is spotted, the coach urges his own team to heave.

Armed with her new skills, Siobhán participates in a tug of war match, although even when it is finished she is unsure whether she is on the winning side.

An 'Evening Extra' report broadcast on 7 October 1987. The reporter is Siobhán Cleary.