In 1975 Derek Davis was at the Brighter Homes Exhibition in the RDS, Dublin to report on the array of products on offer.

There's more to life than bedrooms and for the ladies, kitchen fittings in natural wood are a big attraction.

The Brighter Homes Exhibition featured everything for the home including painting reproductions, gym equipment, power tools, bedroom furniture, kitchen fittings, a display of front door fittings from the company 'Knobs and Knockers', executive toys, and food.

It's as much an exhibition for the dedicated handyman and do-it-yourself fanatic as a day out for the curious and ham-fisted incompetent, who just wants to brighten up the home the easy way.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 8 April 1975. The reporter is Derek Davis.

Brighter Homes Exhibition at RDS, Dublin (1975)
Brighter Homes Exhibition at RDS, Dublin (1975)