Condom vending machines are taken from pubs in Drogheda and Dundalk but condoms can still be purchased in pharmacies.

The vending machines have been removed from licensed premises in Drogheda and Dundalk following representation by local Gardaí to the pub owners, informing them that by installing the machines, they are breaking the law.

Young people in the town do not agree with the removal of the machines, and feel awkward going into a chemist to purchase condoms. Dundalk Regional Technical College (RTC), students Eimear Black and Patrick McGuigan give RTÉ News their opinions.

For a young person to go into a chemist, it’s very awkward and it’s very embarrassing for them, and it’s a lot more private, and it’s a lot more at’s a lot better atmosphere around it when you use vending machines.

For the time being, publicans must comply with the law as it stands, albeit reluctantly.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 30 September 1992.  The reporter is Tom Kelly.