A new enterprise is underway in Quilty County Clare where seaweed is being harvested to be processed for a number of uses.

Martin Casey explains the process involved in harvesting seaweed which is dried and transported to the Irish marine factory in Kilrush. Much of what is collected is used for animal feed due to the high content of iodine and magnesium. Carrageen is used commercially as a stiffener in an array of products ranging from ice cream to toothpaste. 

Seaweed gathering is a relatively new industry and constitutes the main source of income for locals and may overtake fishing. The average family can earn a living of about six to eight pounds a week for around six months of the year.

Harvesting seaweed can be a difficult job, according to Martin Casey, and is dependent on the weather.  

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 September 1962.