The Graffiti Theatre Company is in Limerick to perform their latest play 'You Can't Talk About That On Jo-Maxi.'

Based in Cork, the Graffiti Theatre and Education Company tours schools throughout Munster and South Leinster. Jo-Maxi met up with the group at Scoil Carmel in Limerick where they are opening 'You Can't Talk About That On Jo-Maxi'. 

What exactly can't you talk about on Jo-Maxi?

Dermot O'Gara, administrator at the Graffiti Theatre Company explains what the play focuses on two teenagers who are going on Jo-Maxi to perform a piece of theatre. They decide to use the opportunity to challenge some of the ideas around freedom of speech and issues dealing with sex and sexuality.

The idea that taboo subjects are not to be talked about.

The play is aimed at Junior Cert level students, who are aged 13 to 14. 

We like to try and tackle various different social or political topics in our work.

The hope is to raise many subjects previously deemed controversial for young people to talk about.

Tune into Jo-Maxi... for all you ever wanted to know about sex but was afraid to ask.

Other issues raised by the group include apartheid, world famine, and substance abuse.

Graffiti Theatre Company were initially nervous about the reaction to the play but the response from both teachers and students has been very positive.

This episode of Jo-Maxi was broadcast on 2 April 1992. The reporter is Niamh Walsh.