The Five Nations Rugby Union match between Ireland and Scotland at Lansdowne Road has been officially called off.

Following the events of Bloody Sunday and the subsequent burning of the British Embassy in Dublin, the Scottish Rugby Union Committee believes it is unsafe for their players to travel to Dublin given the political situation.

Tom Kiernan, captain of the Irish team is very disappointed about the decision to cancel the match. He thinks the Scots based their objection on misleading press coverage of events in Ireland.

If they came and saw for themselves I’m sure they’d be quite happy with the situation here.

Kiernan does not believe there would be any danger for the Scottish players or their wives in Dublin. There may have been a demonstration, but had they decided to play, the Irish authorities would have provided any necessary protection for the Scotland team and their entourage.

The match due to be played on 26 February at Lansdowne Road was cancelled, as was the game scheduled for 11 March against Wales.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 17 February 1972. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.