All the action from Ireland V Wales in 1975. Wales beat Ireland at home at Cardiff Arms Park.

Ireland's rugby team were beaten by Wales 32-4 in the 1975 Five Nations Series. The match took place at Cardiff Arms Park on 15 March 1975.

From the programme 'Action 75', some highlights from the game. 

This episode of 'Action 75' was broadcast on 20 March 1975.

J.P.R. Williams, G.G. Davies, R.T. Bergiers, R.W. Gravell, J.J. Williams, P. Bennett, G. Edwards, A.G. Faulkner, R.W. Windsor, G. Price, A.J. Martin, G.A. Wheel, T.J. Cobner, T.M. Davies, T.P Evans.

A.H. Esnor, T. O. Grace, R.A. Milliken, C.M. Gibson, A.W. McMaster, W. McCombe, J.J. Moloney, R.J. McLoughlin, K.W. Kennedy, R.J. Clegg, M.I. Keane, W.J. McBride, J.F. Slattery, W.P. Duggan, M.J. Sherry

Referee: M.J. St. Guilhem (France)