Celebrations at the US Embassy in Dublin to mark 191 years of the US Marines.

191 candles are lit on a birthday cake at the US Embassy in Dublin to mark 191 years of the United States Marine Corps. The cake is presented to Master Sergeant James Dilkie, who is the commander of the Embassy Guard. Addressing invited guests Master Sergeant James Dilkie outlines the proceedings of the ceremony to the guests.

We are here this evening to commemorate the 191st anniversary of the United States Marine Corps.

He also mentions the ties that exist between the United States Marine Corps and the Irish. He continues by reading a birthday message from the Commandant of the Marine Corps Wallace M. Greene Jr. 

Today we pause to contemplate the exploits by which marines over the past 191 years have earned for our Corps its reputation for courage and professionalism. 

As the band perform 'Auld Lang Syne' the formal cutting of the cake takes place. Following protocol, the US Ambassador's wife is presented with the first piece of cake and a bouquet of flowers. Ambassador Raymond R. Guest is then presented with the second piece of cake by the youngest marine Corporal Frank Burrell.

After the ceremony Cathal O'Shannon speaks to Sergeant Dilkie about the presence of the marine guard at US embassies throughout the world since 1948.

A 'Newsbeat' report by Cathal O'Shannon broadcast on 10 November 1966.