Attempts to renew inner city Limerick which has suffered from neglect in the past.

Progress in Limerick appears to have been passed the city by. There are acres of derelict buildings many in a state of decay. Why has the city been allowed to fall into such disrepair?

According to Limerick businesswoman Mirette Corboy things are beginning to improve but acknowledges that the city of Limerick has suffered from,

Neglect, complacency and a lack of civil pride

The efforts to revitalise the inner city will be a long and expensive job. Mirette Corboy highlights the work in progress to restore 'The Granary' an 18th century building costing two million pounds and the recently restored Hartstonge House which has been converted into luxury offices by a private developer costing a quarter of a million pounds.

Limerick's civic image isn't helped by grass growing out the front wall of the town hall.

Students at Limerick School of Art have embarked on a project to brighten up the city. Student Charlie Harper explains how public murals have brought art out of the galleries and into the public realm throughout the streets of Limerick.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 July 1981. The reporter is Michael Walsh.