An Taoiseach Mr. Sean Lemass appoints Dr. P.J. Hillery as new Minister for Labour during a cabinet reshuffle.

Patrick John Hillery previously served in Dail Éireann as Minister for Education and as Minister for Industry and Commerce before being appointed Minister in the newly created Ministry of Labour.

Dr Hillery outlines his objectives for this new ministerial position. He expects the new role will be a 'hot' ministerial seat due to the changes that must happen but believes everyone has a right

To the distribution of wealth and contentment in work and the availability of opportunity

Patrick Hillery outlines his plans to deal with the current labour unrest in the country and hopes to bring people together.

Legislation on its own will not work - we need good will.

Other appointments arising from the cabinet reshuffle are Sean Flanagan, the former Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry and Commerce has been appointed Minister for Health; George Colley has been moved from the Department of Education to the position of Minister for Industry and Commerce. Mr Donogh O'Malley transfers from Health to Education.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 July 1966