An elaborate scam or a genuine commemoration of Father Pat Noise.

Dublin City Council is to remove a commemorative plaque from O'Connell Bridge in Dublin after it emerged that it was unofficially erected. The plaque is dedicated to a Fr Pat Noise, who allegedly died in suspicious circumstances when his carriage plunged into the River Liffey in 1919. Dublin City Council, however, says that it has never heard of him, prompting speculation that the whole story could be an elaborate hoax.

The plaque which measures just six by eight inches has gone relatively unnoticed by passers-by.

Dublin historian Pat Liddy has his doubts about the story and says,

Fr Pat Noise is nobody I've ever heard of...It just seems to me on deduction to be a scam.

Dublin City Council has appealed to the public for information about whoever put the plaque on the bridge in the first place.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 8 May 2006. The reporter is Martina Fitzgerald.