The Chancellor of the National University of Ireland, President Éamon de Valera conferred the honorary degree Doctor of Law (LL.D.) on six of the nearest living relatives of the seven signatories of the 1916 Proclamation.

The posthumous tributes to the patriots were granted in Saint Patrick's Hall, Dublin Castle. Present at the ceremony were Mrs Kathleen Clarke, widow of Thomas Clarke; Senator Miss Margaret Pearse, sister of Padraig Pearse who received her degree in a wheelchair; Senator Nora Connolly O'Brien, daughter of James Connolly; Donagh MacDonagh, son of Thomas MacDonagh; Ronan E Ceannt, son of Eamonn Ceant and finally Mrs Geraldine Dillon, sister of Joseph Plunkett and wife of Dr. Thomas Dillon.

De Valera acknowledged how the Senate of the University learned "with great regret" that one relative of the signatories, the eldest sister of Sean MacDermott Mrs Margaret Keany of Kiltyclogher was 

Unwilling to take the degree

Despite Margaret Keany's absence the President paid tribute to Sean MacDermott as,

One of the noblest and bravest of men; that he spent the best years of his life in organising and getting together those who would be prepared to fight for Irish freedom, and also in trying to get the people of the country to understand how important in the national interest it was that the native language should be kept alive.

An RTÉ News Report broadcast on 14 April 1966. This report is partially mute.